ABB acquires Sevensense to bring new value to mobile robot manufacturers


ABB acquired Sevensense Robotics as part of their strategy to deliver next-generation Visual AI navigation solutions at a global scale. As of today, Sevensense Robotics is an ABB global product center for Visual SLAM AMRs and focuses on developing and commercializing its Visual SLAM and Navigation technology.

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Sevensense is now part of ABB

We believe in a world where mobile robots support humans in executing dirty, dangerous, and dull tasks.

Since its inception in 2018, Sevensense’s mission has been to build a technology platform that enables truly smart mobile robots, bridging the gap between what today’s automation is capable of and our vision of the future.  

To achieve our goal, we built on top of advanced computer vision and AI algorithms a versatile Visual AI navigation solution. With that, we can transform any mobile machine, from AMRs to forklifts and cleaning machines, into mobile robots with unprecedented autonomy capabilities. 

We won ABB Robotics’ Innovation Challenge in 2021, which led to an excellent partnership. ABB not only invested in Sevensense’s Series A funding round but also initiated the pioneering endeavor of bringing Visual SLAM AMRs to the market. 

Today, Sevensense results from a journey founded on three key ingredients. First, we found how our superior technology could bring concrete value to the mobile robotics market; second, our team of world-class talents was able to transform such technology into an industrial-grade AI product; and third, the thriving Zurich ecosystem, which, thanks to ETH and other startup organizations, gave life to the Silicon Valley of Robotics. 

Joining ABB marks a significant milestone for Sevensense. Thanks to its global scale and leadership in the robotics industry, ABB is the perfect catalyst to accelerate our growth and propel us toward achieving our mission. 

This is our next step for growth. We will be innovating together with ABB, applying the latest technologies to create intelligent, autonomous robots, and growing our business with existing and new customers in material handling and service robotics.

Mobile robotics is only at the beginning of its journey, and our vision of how robotics will transform people’s lives for the better is coming closer and closer. Today, thanks to its acquisition by ABB, we know that Sevensense will be part of it. 

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