Alphasense Position

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What is Alphasense Position?

  • Positioning Everywhere
  • Easy-to-use & deploy
  • Vision gives more

Thanks to the Visual SLAM embedded in Alphasense Position your mobile machines will never get lost again!

Alphasense Position is a multi-camera, industrial grade, Visual-SLAM-in-a-box solution for mobile robots. The system is an Edge AI solution that provides full 3D positioning for any kind of ground vehicles in every environment; even in fast-changing and dynamic spaces.


Why choose Alphasense Position?

Make robots localize everywhere

  • Indoors, outdoors and in mixed scenarios
  • In dynamic areas, on uneven floors or around people
  • In large open spaces or self-similar environments

Make robots easy to use and quick to deploy

  • Operates at the press of a button, no robotic knowledge required
  • No markers, beacons, nor costly tools or downtime to deploy
  • Easy evaluation, smooth integration and quick time-to-market

Make robots smarter than ever

  • Share each robot’s knowledge across the entire fleet
  • Enable human-like AI-based capabilities (e.g. sign detection)
  • Collect visual data useful for inspection or reporting
Unique tecH

We challenge the Status Quo

Alphasense Position
2D LiDAR Natural Features
2D LiDAR Natural Reflectors
Infrastructure free
Fast changing environments
Public and crowded spaces
Large halls
Long corridors
Both in- and outdoor usage
Finds position at startup
Sometimes Covered
Not Included

Find out how Our
Technology works!

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Tech Specs

Inside Alphasense Position

Full 3D mapping and pose output

Enables the vehicles to navigate on uneven terrain, over ramps and on multiple floors

High-quality estimation

Accurate down to 1 cm

Multi-camera support

Supports up to 8 camera streams that are processed in real time

Advanced calibration

Includes cutting-edge algorithms to calibrate the production system fully autonomously

Map sharing

Automatically shares maps across a fleet of vehicles to orchestrate the collaboration


Continuously learns how the environment changes and updates the map, using natural features
Alphasense Evaluation Kit

Try Alphasense Position first!

Test and evaluate Alphasense Position and experience first-hand the unique benefits of our AI-driven Visual SLAM technology.

We will provide you with a factory-calibrated 5-camera setup and a convenient Web-based interface to make the installation and initial experiments easy and convenient.

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Your Journey with us

1. Evaluate
Requirements definition
Development kit testing
Technical reporting
2. Integrate
Integration support
Product fine-tuning
3. Deploy
Production setup
Support training
Maintenance & Updates

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