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Who we are

Sevensense empowers mobile robots to move into public and dynamic spaces. With our technology they will support humans in the execution of dirty, dangerous and dull tasks.

We do so using Alphasense Autonomy, our versatile autonomy kit, that turns mobile platforms into intelligent robots. By using Edge AI and state-of-the-art technologies, our solution guarantees reliability and safety, bringing the operational costs down and opening new, exciting market opportunities.

Sevensense For Diversity

United We Stand For a Better Tomorrow

At Sevensense we value diversity and all the features that make us all unique. By having a mixture of 13 nationalities and an open mind to all that makes us human, we celebrate diversity every day of the year!


Our team is composed of passionate roboticists experienced in computer vision, navigation and machine learning. Literally, a perfect mix to deliver an autonomy kit for your robot.

Axel Murguet
Błażej Mikołajczyk
Barbara Kägi
Brilla Tomy
Catherine Lau
Dona Sandu
Fabian Blöchliger
Hannes Sommer
Huub Hendrikx
Irem Kaftan
Jonathan Müller
Jordan Burklund
Kamil Ritz
Kevin Egger
Lukas Bührer
Lukáš Solanka
Lukas Fröhlich
Marta Straszak
Martina Šormaz Ban
Martina Rivizzigno
Mathias Bürki
Matteo Pirovano
Monica Pérez
Nicola Carrino
Paul Seyfert
Peter Steiner
Ramya Sivanesan
Sebastian Ratz
Thomas Eppenberger
Veronica Alonso
Vuk Vujovic
Yannick Huber
Zimeng Jiang


Sevensense was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich. Our technology is based on 15+ years of research and the vast, hands-on experience at the Autonomous Systems Lab paved our way towards reliable localization, path planning and operation of mobile robots.

In 2018, Sevensense became a Wyss Zurich project, with the goal of translating those technological advancements into an industry-grade product ready to be deployed on any mobile robot. Since then, our team is in continuous expansion and motivated to revolutionize the mobile robotics industry.

Check out Sevensense Wyss Project


Join us

Empowering robots with autonomy is an exciting challenge! To realize this large-scale mission, we are always on the look for motivated engineers, scientists and business leaders. If you wish to join our team in Zurich and help us develop our technology, consider the openings below and get in touch with us.

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