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We build the eyes and brains for mobile robots to make them smarter than ever before

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Our Visual AI technology enables OEMs to build mobile robots that move autonomously in challenging and dynamic environments and serve new use-cases, making it possible for robots to safely and efficiently complete difficult tasks.

Handle challenging
Navigate autonomously and reliably in complex and unstructured spaces.
Deploy easy & fast
Speed up the deployment of vehicles for your end-users.
Automate new tasks
Use autonomous vehicles for difficult tasks & leverage AI-Vision.
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Our Vision

"We aim to make the world a more efficient, sustainable and safe place by enabling mobile robots to navigate where they are needed the most!"

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What Customers Say

“We are convinced that with Sevensense’s unique AI-based autonomy solution, our first cleaning robot Marvin will allow us to disrupt the cleaning robot market and outperform existing market leaders.”
Thomas Kyburz
CEO at Wetrok AG
"The Visual-SLAM technology by Sevensense enables completely new applications in mobile robotics. It is the future for AMRs."
Mathias Behounek
Co-CEO Safelog
“Sevensense managed to pack complex AI algorithms in a product that makes it quick and easy to test its advanced features, integrate them on a vehicle and deploy them at the end-customer.”
Gajamohan Mohanarajah
CEO Rapyuta Robotics
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Smart Solutions for Every Application

Our Products are suitable for a variety of applications and OEMs can use them to extend the capabilities of their series robotic products or build new automated machines.

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Material Handling

Navigation on uneven floors, in large spaces or long corridors are only a few of the benefits of our solution. It increases operational efficiency while saving costs and time to make AMRs smarter.

Floor Cleaning

Automated cleaning machines become highly efficient, user-friendly and safe, thanks to our products. Our solution makes robots easy to use and able to handle obstacles and changing spaces.


The delivery of goods requires navigation both in- and outdoors and avoidance of obstacles and people. We enable all this on the robots themselves, using our Edge AI.

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Our Products

We developed the Eyes and Brain for your machine to move fully

Alphasense Position

The first multi-camera, industry-grade, Visual-SLAM in-a-box solution for autonomous mobile robots. It makes robots localize everywhere; outdoors, on multiple levels or even in changing environments.

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Alphasense Autonomy

Visual-AI navigation for the most advanced autonomous mobile robots. Reliable obstacle avoidance allows robots to safely and reliably navigate next to people.

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