Innovation in Motion: The Engineering Story of Robomatic Marvin

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Through a collaboration with Sevensense Robotics, Wetrok incorporated Visual SLAM navigation technology into their smart scrubber-dryer.

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Wetrok's Pioneering Integration of Sevensense’s Visual SLAM for Next-Generation Industrial Cleaning Robotic Solutions

Wetrok has recently launched Robomatic Marvin, a hybrid industrial cleaning machine, made in Switzerland.

Robomatic Marvin is a smart scrubber-dryer that offers the options of autonomous robotic cleaning, manual mode, and a combination of both, operating as a cleaning cobot.

Through a collaboration with Sevensense Robotics, Wetrok incorporated Visual SLAM navigation technology into the new machine.

The advanced autonomous capabilities make Marvin suitable to work alongside humans and confer high performance even in changing environments.

Additionally, the user-friendly teach & repeat functionality allows cleaning staff to program the machine easily, without any particular training.

In this interview with David Klauser, Product Manager Robotics at Wetrok, we explore the engineering collaboration behind this innovative robot.

Engineer testing electronic components - Wetrok and Sevensense collaboration
Robomatic Marvin embodies Wetrok’s industry expertise and Sevensense’s market-proven Visual SLAM technology

How did the partnership with Sevensense start?

This partnership is a prime example of industry-university collaboration.

Wetrok launched the project together with Professor Roland Siegwart and his lab at the technical university ETH Zurich. The project gained national attention thanks to the support of the Swiss Innovation Agency Innosuisse.

In 2018, when Sevensense spun off of ETH Zurich, the cooperation continued and the product was finalized.

How do Wetrok and Sevensense’s capabilities complement each other?

As a specialized Swiss company for next-generation cleaning technology, Wetrok has been playing a leading role in the research and development of professional cleaning machines for 75 years.

Sevensense’s expertise is based on 15 years’ worth of research and practical engineering experience supporting Visual SLAM Autonomy projects in different verticals, including warehousing, manufacturing, and last-mile delivery.

Throughout the entire development process, Sevensense was always very responsive and flexible; they had engineers on site when needed. This accelerated piloting and allowed for fast iteration cycles.

The development of the innovative Robomatic Marvin was made possible by bringing together the core competencies of the two organizations.

What do you think of the product outcome? What is this new product bringing to the market?

The result exceeds all expectations! High-end technology in a compact design and very easy to operate, thanks to innovative technology: Robomatic Marvin is far more than a common robot. 

Cleaning staff members can use Robomatic Marvin as needed, either as an autonomously operating robot or controlling it manually like a traditional cleaning machine. 

In short: Robomatic Marvin is a true professional cleaning machine that can operate autonomously or manually.

The collaborative symbiosis between Wetrok and Sevensense is reflected in Marvin, with Wetrok’s ultimate know-how and rich expertise in the professional floor cleaning sector and Sevensense’s deep tech AI-powered autonomy solution.

Incorporating Sevensense’s market-proven technology ensures Marvin’s robust performance.

What would you tell other companies who consider working with Sevensense?

Sevensense is a competent technology start-up with a proven track record in autonomous robotics, making them a leading provider of AI and 3D vision technology. 

They have acquired experience working in the professional floor cleaning industry, which perfectly fits our needs. Throughout our partnership, Sevensense's flexibility and responsiveness makes them an valuable partner for innovation.

At Sevensense Robotics, we build the eyes and brains for mobile robots. We provide Visual SLAM technology and engineering support to robot manufacturers and help them bring their vehicles to market.

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