Alphasense Autonomy

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What is Alphasense Autonomy?

  • Most advanced navigation
  • Fastest vehicle deployments
  • Precise in dynamic environments

#1 Navigation solution powered by 3D Visual SLAM

Alphasense Autonomy is a unique robot autonomy system that combines the benefits of Visual SLAM positioning with advanced AI local perception and navigation tech. It is a true plug-and-play navigation stack, ready for any mobile ground robot, featuring reliable safety behaviors, advanced motion capabilities and dynamic obstacle avoidance.


Why choose Alphasense Autonomy?

Most advanced navigation

  • Built upon the 3D Visual SLAM capabilities of Alphasense Position
  • Makes robots efficient by detecting and avoiding obstacles
  • Runs indoors, outdoors, over ramps and on multiple levels without auxiliary systems

Fastest vehicle deployments

  • Automatic calibration saves time on the field
  • No need to add infrastructure or clean maps
  • Makes it easy and fast to deploy vehicles without expert knowledge

Precise in dynamic environments

  • Repeatability of 4mm guarantees precise docking
  • Updates the map and shares it with the entire fleet
  • Safe and efficient in spaces shared with people and vehicles
Tech Specs

Inside Alphasense Autonomy

Multiple navigation modes

Can perform the traditional Virtual path following as well as obstacle avoidance and the most flexible free navigation

3D Visual SLAM

Robust robot positioning is provided by our best-in-class SLAM algorithms

Automatic sensor calibration

All sensors are automatically calibrated at the factory, eliminating manual tuning during the deployment

3D Sensor fusion

Flexible data fusion of many sensor modalities allows the detection of any kind of obstacles in 3D

Edge AI

All intelligence is on the vehicle, eliminating any issue related to the loss of connectivity

Layout and FMS compatibility

Supports the VDA5050 standard to maximize the compatibility with layout design tools and FMS and guarantee interoperability

Autonomy on
Wetrok's Marvin

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Alphasense EvaluatiOn Kit

Make robots smarter, faster!

Test the advanced navigation capabilities of Alphasense Autonomy and make your mobile robot smarter in a fast and easy way!

The Alphasense Autonomy Evaluation Kit uses a multi-camera setup - fixed on a rigid frame and factory calibrated. The initial setup and usage are effortless thanks to the Alphasense Console - a user-friendly web interface accessible from any browser.

This makes the installation process approachable even if you are unfamiliar with Visual SLAM navigation technology!

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