Alphasense Autonomy

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What is Alphasense Autonomy?

  • Navigation everywhere
  • Easy-to-use & deploy
  • Smarter than ever

Give life to the most advanced autonomous mobile robots, thanks to visual sensing and best-in-class AI algorithms!

Alphasense Autonomy is a unique robot autonomy system that combines the benefits of Visual SLAM positioning with advanced AI local perception and navigation tech. It is a true plug-and-play navigation stack, ready for any robot, featuring reliable safety behaviors, advanced motion capabilities and dynamic obstacle avoidance.


Why choose Alphasense Autonomy?

Make robots navigate everywhere

  • Indoors, outdoors and in mixed scenarios
  • Over ramps and on multiple levels
  • Safe and efficient in spaces shared with people and vehicles

Make robots navigate next to people

  • Can be deployed without stopping operations.
  • Uses common interfaces for fleet management systems
  • Can be operated by untrained personnel

Make robots smarter than ever

  • Evaluate situations many times a second to pick the best path
  • Use AI algorithms to predict the actions of people nearby and act safe
  • Use visual data that can be leveraged for inspection or asset tracking
Tech Specs

Key Features

Obstacle avoidance

Detects obstacles in full 3D - even if they’re moving. The system avoids them with utmost care


Robust robot positioning is provided by our best-in-class SLAM algorithms


Safety is a pillar of the system - three safety layers always slow down or stop if necessary

Sensor fusion

Flexible data fusion of many sensor modalities gives absolute safety e.g. near glass walls or overhanging obstacles

AI learning

Uses advanced learning algorithms to offer unparalleled efficiency compared to conventional products

Brain Autonomy

Alphasense Autonomy is a complete brain of the robot - it solves the see-think-act cycle multiple times a second

Autonomy on
Wetrok's Marvin

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