At Sevensense, we are strong believers in the potential of camera-based navigation that will bring mobile robots to the next level.

Based on advanced sensing and sensor fusion, our robust localization system and smart navigation algorithms deliver unrivaled reliability and robustness even in crowded and fast-changing environments, where other solutions fail.

Precise positioning
under all  conditions

Our localization system works by constructing accurate 3D maps of the environment using sensors built into robots, in the process also known as SLAM.

During operation, our algorithms precisely localize your robot by matching what it observes at any given time with the 3D map.

Thanks to AI techniques, the system works no matter if it’s day or night, sun or rain, both indoors and outdoors.

Your robots won’t ever stop learning - our algorithms will take care of detecting changes in the environment and updating or expanding the map.

Thanks to our AI driven perception system, the robot learns what is around it and predicts people's actions to react accordingly.

Intelligent path planning makes the robot move around static and dynamic obstacles to avoid unnecessary stops and save time during operations.

Our autonomous technology supports multiple types of robots and allows them to collaborate with each other by sharing important information like their position and changes in the mapped environment.


What does robot autonomy actually mean?

Robot autonomy means that the robots equipped with Alphasense Autonomy by Sevensense can perceive the environment, understand their surroundings, take decisions on their own and act to fulfill their navigation tasks in the most efficient way. That stands in a strong contrast to classic mobile robots, such as Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), that merely follow a predefined path.

How complicated is it to handle an autonomous machine at my company?

Not at all! Our technology, integrated within Alphasense Autonomy, doesn’t require any robotics knowledge to operate autonomous robots. In a nutshell, we make sure the robots deliver you the maximum value at minimal handling effort.

How do you handle weather and illumination changes? What if some objects have been moved? Will my robot get lost?

No! Alphasense Position, our positioning system, works reliably even in very challenging conditions. Our cameras offer excellent sensitivity and dynamic range. Furthermore, our mapping system is designed to handle the changes and continuously update the map to make your robots reliable even in the long term.

Do you store camera images? What about privacy?

Privacy is not an issue with Sevensense tech! Our entire framework can run at the edge (directly on your platform) and doesn’t store camera images. The sensitive data will not be transferred off your premises at all.

Can your technology be integrated in any machine? What are the requirements for mounting Alphasense?

We make sure Alphasense Autonomy fits any kind of ground robot and requires minimum integration effort, thus reducing the time-to-market. We don’t pose restrictions on the placement of cameras - you can arbitrarily mount them on your machine and we will provide tools to calibrate the system,  even when the camera fields-of-view are not overlapping.

Do you need any special hardware to build a map of the environment?

No! Moving your robot or just an Alphasense Position around the working environment is enough to build a complete map of the space and bring autonomy to your application.

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