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How Kyburz, the international leader for high quality mobility and transport solutions, is tackling the last-mile problem with Sevensense.

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How Kyburz is tackling the Last Mile issue with innovative solutions

Kyburz Switzerland AG is an international leader for high quality mobility and transport solutions for the last mile. The Swiss SME develops and produces high quality electric vehicles for delivery and industrial companies, municipalities and private individuals. The latest generation of its autonomous eTrolley eT4 can deliver goods without human intervention, qualifying it to be a solution to the logistics industry's well-known last-mile problem. Kyburz is a customer of Sevensense selected as an early adopter of Alphasense Position, Sevensense’s cutting-edge product which enables the robot to operate smoothly in the harshest weather and light conditions, indoors as well as outdoors. www.kyburz-switzerland.ch

Business Challenge

Last-mile delivery is the final stage of the mail route that leads directly to the customer's door step. Due to its low transportation volume, this last step of the supply chain is often much less efficient than previously used means of transport such as freight rail networks or container ships. It thus accounts for a significant share of the total transportation costs incurred. This became known as the last-mile problem. An issue, which is made even more apparent by the fact that the e-commerce sector continues to grow and customers want their orders to be not only placed faster but also delivered at any time. To reduce the cost of that last mile, suppliers must increasingly invest in innovative solutions that allow for a more efficient delivery of goods. Not only the growing customer expectations, but also the high automation potential of the industry result in dynamic competition which highlight this need for solutions. Thus, parcel delivery players and commercial vehicle players, like Kyburz, equip themselves with the necessary resources and skills to stay competitive.

Sevensense Impact 

To tackle this last-mile problem, Kyburz proposes a solution for modern logistics with its autonomous eTrolleys. With their autonomous and self-driving product, the last mile for freight can be completed cost-efficiently and reliably. One click sends the eTrolley on its way to various user-defined indoor and outdoor target locations, all with the help of Sevensense Technology. Alphasense Position supports the 4th generation of the eTrolley eT4 with accurate and robust positioning technology which works even indoors where no GPS signal is present. This allows eT4 to map the environment precisely and locate itself in it, which is essential for the successful delivery of goods. Sevensense's high quality solution ensures that the eTrolley can continue to navigate in all weather conditions.Thus, the fully autonomous delivery of goods can be ensured with Sevensense’s support.

Business Implications

With the autonomous eTrolley eT4, Kyburz can offer the logistics industry a solution that addresses the so far unsolved last-mile problem. The autonomous delivery of goods not only ensures cost efficiency, but also meets the ever increasing customer expectations. By reducing labour costs and ensuring faster and on-time deliveries under all conditions, the last mile gets both cheaper, but also better suited to meet these rising customer demands. Thus, Kyburz is able to target an important painpoint in the field and, as a commercial vehicle player, reaffirms its leading and relevant position in the industry in order to adequately face the market competition. A new generation of autonomous eTrolleys from Kyburz is already on its way, so stay tuned for more!

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