Sevensense and Rapyuta Robotics announce a partnership to enable new robotic applications


The two companies are collaborating to build the next generation of autonomous mobile robots based on visual SLAM and cloud robotics.

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The two companies are collaborating to build the next generation of autonomous mobile robots based on Visual SLAM and cloud robotics.

Zurich, Switzerland - 26.07.22 When industrial or logistic processes call for automation, they require advanced localization and navigation solutions as well as a streamlined orchestration of the vehicle fleet. Sevensense Robotics addresses the former need with its Alphasense product line powered by AI-based Visual SLAM algorithms. Rapyuta Robotics addresses the latter with the help of rapyuta.io - a cloud platform providing the software and tooling to develop and operate multi-robot solutions. As such, Sevensense and Rapyuta Robotics proudly announce their partnership to offer best-in-class localization, navigation, coordination and management for the next generation of autonomous mobile robots.

Gregory Hitz, CEO of Sevensense Robotics, says: “Rapyuta Robotics is an innovation leader in the field of cloud robotics. We are most excited about the collaboration and hope that the next generation of mobile robots will benefit from the power of Visual SLAM combined with the strength and flexibility of rapyuta.io.”

Sevensense’s algorithms allow for creating 3D maps of unknown environments with the help of advanced computer vision and AI algorithms. Such maps are more accurate and robust than current 2D maps obtained with conventional laser scanners. They enable a more intelligent, flexible, and efficient navigation of mobile robots in factories, warehouses, and other dynamic spaces.

Sevensense succeeded to embed its complex algorithms in a product line that is simple to use and fast to install on all kinds of robots, which Gajamohan Mohanarajah, CEO of Rapyuta Robotics, confirms:

“Sevensense managed to pack complex AI algorithms in a product that makes it quick and easy to test its advanced features, integrate them on a vehicle and deploy them at the end-customer. We hope our partnership will help revolutionize speed-to-market solutions for logistics companies.”    - Gajamohan Mohanarajah, CEO of Rapyuta Robotics

Sevensense Robotics was founded in 2018 as a spin-off from ETH Zurich, received early support from Wyss Zurich, and recently announced a strategic partnership with ABB Robotics as part of its Series A funding round. Headquartered in Zurich, Sevensense employs more than 35 talents and offers industry-grade 3D Visual SLAM localization and navigation solutions for all kinds of autonomous service machines, from forklifts to professional cleaning machines.

Rapyuta Robotics was founded in 2014 in Tokyo, Japan and has raised a total of USD 81 Million (JPY 10 Billion). Rapyuta Robotics works at the frontier of industry automation with its Pick Assist robot PA-AMR and cloud platform rapyuta.io. The latter connects and coordinates an entire fleet of mobile robots in a streamlined manner. As of 2022, Rapyuta Robotics employs more than 160 people with more than 20 nationalities.

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