Sevensense Robotics to Represent Switzerland in the ELA Awards 2023


The jury of the European Logistics Association has selected Sevensense Robotics to compete in the final of the ELA Awards 2023.

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“Visual SLAM Localization and Navigation for Mobile Robots in Logistics” Project Shortlisted to Compete in the Final

Zürich - November 16, 2023

After winning the Swiss Logistics Awards, Sevensense Robotics was selected by the European Logistics Association jury as one of the top six projects to compete in the final phase of the prestigious ELA Awards 2023.

Sevensense’s project has the objective of accelerating the pace at which warehouses and logistics operations are automated by enabling vehicle manufacturers to bring Visual-SLAM-powered smart mobile robots to the market.

With its unique market-proven VSLAM technology, Sevensense enables any provider of manually operated vehicles to become a manufacturer of smart mobile robots.

Its solution can easily be integrated into any vehicle platform, giving their manufacturers access to the 94% of warehouses currently untapped by automation.

Millions of forklifts (1.5 M sold annually according to the Industrial Truck Association) and other logistic vehicles - such as tuggers and pallet trucks - can now be automated without years of costly in-house developments. 

The pace at which warehouses and logistics operations could be automated is consequently exponentially increased, giving the industry the right technology to flexibly adapt and face current and future challenges.

Gregory Hitz, CEO and Co-founder of Sevensense Robotics says, “We are honored to represent Switzerland in the ELA Awards 2023 and look forward to the opportunity to present the benefits of our Visual SLAM technology. Our journey of reshaping the landscape of logistics through automated material handling robots has just begun.

The 2023 ELA Awards ceremony will take center stage during the European summit themed "For Supply and Beyond, Rethink the Future with Supply Chain." 

The six innovative finalist projects competing for the trophy are:

  • Austria: RWA (Raiffeisen Ware Austria), wholesaler and service provider for Lagerhaus cooperatives. "Warehouse optimization through automation"
  • Spain: Seat, car manufacturer. "Control tower Supply Chain"
  • Spain: The Usyncro multimodal platform, based on blockchain. "Digital logistics corridors''
  • France: Leroy Merlin (Grand Prix des Rois de la SC 2023). "The warehouse of the future for our teams or for performance"
  • Slovenia: a project led by the Slovenian company Cargo X for the Egyptian customs single window Nafeza. "Optimizing international trade and customs clearance with Blockchain technology"
  • Switzerland: Zurich-based Sevensense. "The Visual SLAM localization and navigation system for mobile robots in logistics"

Attended by European leaders from industry, retail, and logistics, as well as representatives of the ELA Board of Directors, the event -hosted by France Supply Chain by ASLOG- will take place in Paris at the Cité Internationale Universitaire on December 12, 2023, from 14h00 to 22h30.

Should Sevensense win the competition, Switzerland will host the final of the 2024 ELA Awards.

Stay tuned as Sevensense Robotics aims to make Switzerland proud on the European stage of logistics innovation.

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