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How Wetrok, a company for modern cleaning technology, emphasized it’s leading role in the cleaning industry with Sevensense technology.

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How Wetrok emphasized it’s leading role in the cleaning industry with Sevensense technology

Wetrok is a Swiss company for modern cleaning technology and plays a leading role in the research and development of professional cleaning machines. The company is headquartered in Zurich but serves customers far beyond the borders of Switzerland through their distribution network. In total, around 100,000 customers use Wetrok products and services to benefit from the most recent and advanced developments in the cleaning industry. Sevensense comprehensive solution Alphasense Autonomy supported them to remain on the leading edge of technology and innovation. www.wetrok.com

Business Challenge

Technological progress affects many industries and as a company it is important to be involved and benefit from innovations in order to guarantee the profitability of the business. It happens more and more quickly that not only established competitors, but also an increasing number of threatening newcomers are easily granted a competitive advantage through their efforts in technological advancement. In order to meet this dynamic process, Wetrok decided to not only keep up with robotic developments in the cleaning industry, but also to outpace its competitors by remaining cost-effective with the help of Sevensense technology.

Sevensense Solution

Wetrok's first fully autonomous and independent cleaning machine is based on its bestselling, award-winning Scrubber Dryer, the Discomatic Mambo. Sevensense integrated its innovative sensor technology and software into the machine and so Robomatic Marvin, the floor cleaning robot, was born. Thanks to its unique Teach-and-Repeat functionality, the cleaning professionals can simply demonstrate once how to clean the required area to the machine. Afterwards, the robot is able to seamlessly carry out the whole cleaning process on its own, over and over again. Over time, the machine even learns how the environment changes and can adapt to it. This way, the cleaning specialists can devote themselves to more sophisticated tasks.

Business Impact

With Marvin, Wetrok offers customers new levels of efficiency and better resource allocation to make cleaning operations more profitable. For customers, Marvin will be an affordable solution that operates more reliably and safely in busy environments. As a result, Wetrok can clearly distinguish itself from its competitors while emphasizing its leading role in the cleaning industry.

"With Sevensense technology, our machine is able to navigate autonomously and therefore it converts our manually steered scrubber drier machine into a robot. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Sevensense and looking forward to further project success." - Jörn Mazenauer, Head of Development Machines at Wetrok AG.

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